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We didn’t pick just anyone — we really put them through the wringer with mock lessons, tests, and a demanding interview process. Why? Because we want you to work with the best of the best: tutors who know their stuff, are a blast to be around, and can vibe with any student’s pace. Dive in and meet the team so we can work together to find your perfect match.
Rob Pollak - Tutor NJ

Rob Pollak

Rob didn’t attend an Ivy League college, and he didn’t have great SAT scores in high school. So why trust him and Pollak Tutors with your student’s education?

It is precisely because these tests didn’t come naturally to him that Rob is especially well suited to understand the unique challenges his students face. In the many many years since high school, Rob has worked hard to become a subject matter expert in all things SAT and ACT, and as a tutor, he’s earned perfect scores on both the SAT (1600, May 2021) and ACT (36, December 2017).

Rob attributes his unique teaching style to his experiences prior to starting Pollak Tutors. He earned a BA in Communication Studies from Hamilton College, where he fostered his love of learning and language, and a JD, cum laude, from Fordham University School of Law, where he picked up his socratic teaching style. He then practiced law in the white collar defense and investigations practice area at Skadden, Arps, which instilled in him a devotion to his clients and a tireless work ethic.

When he’s not working, Rob loves playing golf, woodworking, and, most of all, spending quality time with his wife Anne and their two sons, Owen and Will.

Anne Griffth - Tutor NJ

Anne Griffin

Anne has worked in education as a private tutor for over 12 years. She absolutely loves teaching and finds nothing better than the look of excitement and pride on her students’ faces when they understand a new concept, get a correct answer, or write a fantastic essay.

Anne’s students range from 2nd grade to college level, and she has experience with kids of any ability, including those with learning differences. Anne teaches all subjects, specializing in math and writing, as well as SAT and ACT prep. She has also advised numerous families with their applications for middle and high schools and college.

Students and parents love working with Anne for her patience, kindness, and professionalism, all of which build a working relationship of trust and open communication.

When she’s not working, you can find Anne visiting museums, seeing plays, or connecting with nature on the the hiking trails.

Nicole Hamilton - Tutor NJ

Nicole Hamilton

Nicole has over two decades of exceptional teaching and tutoring experience in New York, New Jersey, and online private schools. Born in England and raised in Jamaica, Nicole moved to the U.S. to attend college. She received her B.A. in Mathematics from Vassar College and her M.A. in Secondary Mathematics Education from City College of New York.

During her time in the independent school world, Nicole has worn various hats, serving as a math teacher, design teacher, head of department, associate head of school, college counselor, and more.

When she’s not working, Nicole enjoys creating designer clothing, singing, and spending time with friends and family.

Remy Cossé - Tutor NJ

Remy Cossé

Remy has worked as a tutor and high-school math teacher for over 10 years. He earned his honors degree in mathematics from the University of Chicago and has taught every subject from Algebra I to AP Calculus. He also specializes in SAT and ACT prep. While genuinely excited about his content, he is more excited about seeing students grow and achieve their goals.

Remy takes a holistic approach to tutoring, ensuring that in addition to acquiring the necessary skills to succeed, students also gain the confidence to persevere through stressful testing situations. By coaching students in both academic skills and mental fortitude, he helps students achieve material growth in their schoolwork and their standardized tests.

When he’s not tutoring, Remy enjoys reading, writing, and playing piano.

Ha Pham - Tutor NJ

Ha Pham

Ha has over 15 years of experience as a professional tutor and mentor in a variety of math and science subjects. She is currently in medical school at Vanderbilt University. Prior to medical school, Ha earned a PhD degree in Bioorganic Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA degree in Biochemistry from College of St. Benedict’s and St. John’s University. During her graduate study, Ha also participated in TutorNet program, a non-profit organization that aims to provide continued educational support for local 6-12 middle and high school students.

When she’s not teaching or studying, you can find Ha biking, jogging, leaf-peeping or singing karaoke with friends and family.

Rina Loka - Tutor NJ

Rina Lokaj

Rina is a journalist, editor, and tutor from New York City. She helped many students of all ages advance their writing, reading, and grammar skills. Her work as a journalist and editor for a wide variety of publications has provided her with a keen eye for detail and a unique perspective on a broad range of topics.

She is excited to continue her work as a tutor, where she is able to help students overcome academic obstacles and achieve scores that once seemed impossible.

Rina’s lessons are always well thought out and engaging. She’s a vibrant presence, who is somehow able to have an energetic and interesting conversation about punctuation.

When she is not teaching, Rina enjoys reading, baking, cooking and exploring new cities.

Tom Kang - Tutor NJ

Tom Kang

Thomas is our resident SAT/ACT verbal expert. He grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and earned his Bachelors degree at Harvard University in History. After spending his early career in Finance, he moved to South Korea and Vietnam, where he founded and successfully exited his own test prep company. Thomas is now back in NJ with his teenage son and excited to be teaching test prep again!

Thomas brings a data-driven approach to all of his sessions and provides his students with a clear and thorough understanding of what they need to do to improve.

When he’s not teaching, Thomas enjoys playing golf, watching movies, and trading cryptocurrency.

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Duncan J.
Greenwich, CT
Rob was great to work with, and helped to greatly increase my SAT score and land me into my dream school. I was able to work with Rob on several SAT practice tests as well as several questions that could not be found in an SAT book. Rob motivated me and pushed me to keep practicing and even though I took the SAT a number of times, each time my scores improved greatly. I recommend Rob to all who wish to achieve a better SAT score and to actually enjoy doing it along the way.
Pollak Tutors, LLC
New Providence, NJ