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SAT Preparation

We offer both one-on-one and group classes for SAT test preparation.

ACT Test Prep

One-On-One SAT Test Preparation

One-To-One SAT Test Preparation allows for a personalized, data-driven process to cater to the student's strengths and weaknesses.

Group SAT Test Preparation

Group SAT preparation offer two formats to best meet the student's need, both provide comprehensive coverage of test content, mocks tests, and homework.

Individual One-on-One SAT Test Preparation

Our tutoring process is personalized and data-driven. We begin with a free consultation and a diagnostic SAT test to understand the student's current level and set realistic goals. Each student is then matched with an excellent tutor, handpicked to best serve the needs of that student.

Whether you need an intensive week-long preparation or a longer-term study plan, our experienced tutors use a proven methodology to help you understand the structure, content, and strategies required to perform well on the SAT test.

Group Classes for SAT Test Preparation

We offer two formats for our group classes. The first is an intensive one-week prep class, which takes place the week leading up to the SAT or ACT. The second is a longer-term class that meets once a week for 8-10 weeks. Both structures offer comprehensive coverage of test content, mock tests, and homework assignments to ensure students are thoroughly prepared.

SAT Group Class Schedule

Tuesdays from July 2 to August 20th3 -5 pm Aug SAT 8 Week Small Group Class
New Providence
8-Week SAT Prep Group Sessions leading up to the 8/24 SAT. Classes will run every Tuesday (7/2 -8/20) 3-5 pm.
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M-F Aug 19-23, 20243 -5 pm Aug SAT 1 Week Intensive Group Session 8/19-8/23
New Providence
1 Week Intensive SAT Prep Group Sessions leading up to the 8/24 SAT. Classes will run every day (8/19-8/23) 3-5 pm.
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Melissa F.
Stamford, CT
After hearing the praises of Rob Pollak from others in my community I hired him to work with my daughter. I now am one of his most vocal supporters. He was reliable and flexible with my teen's ever changing schedule. With his help her ACT scores went up and she has been accepted into the school and program of her dreams! Thank you Rob!!
Pollak Tutors, LLC
New Providence, NJ