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What to do when you get your SAT scores

What to do when you receive SAT or ACT scores: 

SAT Scores and prep

Receiving your scores can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. It's natural to wonder how you did and whether your scores are good enough to get into your dream college. Here are some steps to take when you receive your scores:

  • Review your scores carefully. When you receive your scores, you will receive a detailed breakdown of your scores in each section, as well as your overall score. Take some time to review this information and understand what it means.
  • Compare your scores to the average scores for the colleges you are interested in. Most colleges and universities publish the average scores of their incoming class on their websites. Compare your scores to these averages to get an idea of how you stack up.
  • Determine if you need to retake the test. If your scores are lower than the averages for the schools you are interested in, you may want to consider retaking the test. This is a great time to reach out for help: support@pollaktutors.com or 201-472-5121.
  • Consider other factors in your college application. While scores are an important part of the college application process, they are not the only factor that colleges consider. Admissions committees also look at your grades, extracurricular activities, and essays, among other things.
  • Use your scores to plan for your future. Whether you are happy with your scores or you feel like you need to improve, your scores can help you plan for your future. If you are happy with your scores, use them to start applying to colleges. If you need to improve your scores, consider switching from the SAT to ACT or vice versa, or discussing whether applying test optional might be the best course of action. If you’d like help assessing next steps, we can help: support@pollaktutors.com or 201-472-5121.
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