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Today’s students feel more pressure than ever before. At Pollak Tutors, we understand the concerns and stressors that come with modern education.

In our role as academic advisors, we strive to ease the worries parents feel about their child's academic journey and reduce the stress students often encounter. Our experienced team collaborates closely with both students and parents, crafting tailored strategies to improve performance in school and on standardized tests.

But we're not just about grades and scores. Our tutors — experts in their respective fields — are passionate about making learning an enjoyable experience. With us, lessons aren't just informative — they're fun and engaging, ensuring students look forward to every session.

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Management Team

Rob Pollak | Tutor - Morristown, NJ

Rob Pollak OWNER

In 2012, Rob Pollak left his career in law and founded Pollak Tutors to pursue his passion: coaching students and advising their families as they navigate the standardized testing process. In the years since, the team at Pollak Tutors has grown to include engaging subject matter experts who help students excel in their day-to-day coursework, covering all subjects from kindergarten to college.

Rob’s knowledge of both the SAT and ACT allows him to use data analytics and student feedback to guide his students towards the right test and optimal schedule. Well-versed in the methodology and structure of standardized testing, Rob understands that test prep is about more than just tips and tricks (but don’t worry…we’ll teach you those too!), so he works closely with the team to ensure that every one of our students leaves tutoring sessions feeling better able to tackle the fundamental reading, grammar, and math skills that appear on the test.

When we’ve done our job well, students coached by Pollak Tutors find that they are not only prepared for a specific test but also come away from tutoring with an invigorated academic mindset that improves achievement in school.

Rob is a founding member of the National Test Prep Association and has earned Instructional Mastery certification in all subjects of the ACT. He regularly speaks on topics related to standardized testing and has appeared on a number of industry podcasts.

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As the office manager for Pollak Tutors, Alyssa does a little bit of everything: scheduling, billing, client/tutor relations, event planning, and more. You’re likely to first hear from Alyssa when it’s time to schedule an initial meeting. She always aims to provide you and all of our clients with top notch customer service. Before she joined Pollak Tutors, Alyssa spent 12 years as a Merchandise Planner for Macy's Department Stores.

When she’s not working, you can find Alyssa in the garden, hosting movie nights, or spending quality time with her husband and two daughters in Berkeley Heights, NJ.

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Louisa W.
Greenwich, CT
Rob Pollak tutored my son last summer about 6-8 times, and his scores came up by more than 100 points! Rob was always punctual, professional, and nice. He is energized, focused, and direct, and he connects well with teens. We really enjoyed working with him and found him to be immensely helpful!
Pollak Tutors, LLC
New Providence, NJ