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Standardized Test Prep

At Pollak Tutors, we believe that tutoring is a fluid and collaborative journey, uniquely tailored to each student. Our seasoned tutors craft lessons that play to each student’s individual strengths, areas of improvement, and learning preferences.

In our one-on-one sessions, we foster an encouraging environment where students can freely ask questions, explore complex topics, and progress at a pace that feels right for them.

In our group sessions, we encourage engagement and interaction between students by capping our classes at 12 students. Our courses span between 10 to 20 hours.

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Academic Tutoring

We recognize that every student’s learning journey is unique.

Whether your child is stumbling over the ABCs, drowning under the weight of 8 AP classes, or slogging through a post-graduate stochastic processes seminar, our teachers are here to lead the way.

Our commitment begins with a personalized consultation to discuss the student's academic challenges and anxieties. We prepare a plan, and match with the tutor who we believe is their perfect academic ally. We aim to relieve the academic pressures students face and unlock each student’s full educational potential⸺all while keeping the process light and fun.

Upcoming Classes

M-F Aug 19-23, 20243 -5 pm Aug SAT 1 Week Intensive Group Session 8/19-8/23
1 Week Intensive SAT Prep Group Sessions leading up to the 8/24 SAT. Classes will run every day (8/19-8/23) 3-5 pm.
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Lily G.
Darien, CT
With Rob's guidance, I was able to bring up my ACT score by 10 points, and I know getting into my reach college would have been incredibly difficult without his guidance. Rob truly is an incredible tutor, and I would recommend him to anyone who needs the help.
Pollak Tutors, LLC
New Providence, NJ